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    * What is an electronic cigarette “E-Cig, Personal Vaporizer”?


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   * How to select your Atomizer and Cartridge


    * New eGo-T battery in the Starter Kit is shipped in the turned off position  and must be turned on before use


    * What is in our Smoke Juice / E-Liquid and the vapor that is inhaled?


    * How does an “eCigarette, Personal Vaporizer” work?


    * Do I need to purchase pre-flavored or prefilled replacement cartridges or may I fill my own JOYE 510 / JOYE eGo / JOYE eGo-T cartridges:   What is dripping?


    * Will your Smoke Juice / E-Liquid work with my electronic cigarette?


    * What is the difference between 36mg X-High, 24mg High, 18mg Medium, 11mg Light, 8mg Ultra Light, and 0mg mean when selecting the strength of my Smoke Juice?


    * What does PG and VG mean "Custom Blend vs. 100% VG?


    * How many cigarettes is a bottle of Smoke Juice equal to?


    * Can I use my “E-Cig, Personal Vaporizer” anywhere?


    * eCigarette, E-Cigs, Personal Vaporizers – can anyone purchases one?


    * How do I maintain my JOYE 510 / JOYE eGo / JOYE eGo-T Personal Vaporizer?


    * JOYE 510 Quickstart Guide


    * JOYE 510 Electronic Cigarette Instruction Manual


    * JOYE 510-T Quickstart Guide


    * JOYE eGo and eGo-T Quickstart Guide


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What is an electronic cigarette "E-Cig, Personal Vaporizer"?


 An electronic cigarette, also known as the best E-Cig or a Vaporizer, can be used as an alternative to imitate cigarettes, cigars, or pipes by providing the physical sensation of smoking or "vaping".  It is comprised of a mouth piece/cartridge, atomizer and rechargeable lithium ion battery.  The best e-cig sold here provides vaporized USP/ Kosher propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring, water, PGA and, if desired, nicotine.  The E-Cig does not actually "burn" anything, which is the major cause of the 4000 carcinogens that are found in a burning tobacco cigarette.  


What is the diffrence between a Tobacco Cigarette and a Personal Vaporizer / eCig Tobacco Cigarette:


    * Their smoke contains over 4000 chemicals.

    * Their smoke leaves you smelling like an ashtray.

    * Cigarettes are very expensive.

    * Cigarettes produce ash.

    * Cigarettes produce trash

    * Cigarettes cause cancer.

    * This list could go on for pages.


Personal Vaporizers / eCig:


    * Limited ingredients

    * Produces vapor, not smoke.

    * Vapor doesn’t cling to you, you won’t smell like an ashtray.

    * No lighter required.

    * No ashtray required.

    * With quality equipment and a quality Smoke Juice, Vaping is MUCH cheaper than smoking.

    * You can choose how much nicotine you want, from zero 0mg up to thirty six 36mg.

    * No smelly clothes.

    * No yellow teeth.

    * Sense of smell returns.

    * Sense of taste returns.

    * Again this list could also go on for pages.


PV’s / eCig's are an adult novelty.  The reason that PV’s are so successful is because they provide the oral fixation - the hand to mouth motion of smoking, the nicotine if you choose and the sensation you feel in your mouth, throat and lungs.


Note: You will not find an eLiquid (the Smoke Juice that the eCig uses) that tastes exactly like a smoking cigarette.  This is not possible, as the taste you get from a tobacco cigarette is created by burning material, an eCig does not burn anything - it vaporizes liquid that is contained in a cartridge. The standard tobacco flavors that you will find available will taste more like what a fresh cigarette smells like before it is lit.  That is the actual taste of tobacco.


How to select your Atomizer and Cartridge

To select your atomizer or cartridge is as easy as pie.  If your kit ends with a “T” like eGo-T or 510-T your electronic cigarette uses a Tank Atomizer and Tank Cartridge.  Our Joyetech batteries can use either a Joye Standard Atomizer with Poly filled Cartridges or the new Joye Tank Style Atomizers and Cartridges.  All of the Atomizer and Cartridge descriptions on their respective product pages contain links to the corresponding Atomizer or Cartridge that will work with each another.


What is the difference between a Tank Atomizer and the matching Cartridge and a regular Atomizer and matching Cartridge?

There are 2 different types of systems.  The Tank models and parts have the name "TANK" or the letter "T" in their name and description.  The standard Atomizers and matching Cartridges use a poly fill inside the Cartridge to hold the juice that is turned into vapor.

Whether you choose a Tank or a Standard system is really just a personal choice, both will create vapor. The only difference is how each one holds the liquid in the cartridge for the atomizer to use.

All the Joye batteries can use any of the atomizers with their matching cartridge for their model type.


A Joye 510 can use the Joye 510-T Atomizer along with a Joye 510-T Cartridge.

A Joye eGo can use any of the Joye Atomizers with its matching Cartridge.  If you Purchased a Joye eGo MEGA and want to switch to a Joye eGo-T 1.1ml Tank Atomizer with the matching eGo-T 1.1ml Tank cartridge you may.

Below is a cross reference with clickable links for all of our Joye Electronic Cigarette Atomizers and Cartridges:


•    eGo-T 1.1ml (Type A) Tank Atomizer works with eGo-T 1.1ml (Type A) Tank Cartridges

•    eGo-T MEGA 2ml (Type B) Tank Atomizer works with eGo-T MEGA 2ml (Type B) Tank Cartridge

•    510-T Tank Atomizer works with 510-T Tank Cartridge



•    eGo MEGA 2.5ML Atomizer works with eGo MEGA 2.5ML Cartridge

•    510 Atomizer works with either the Standard 510 Round Tip Cartridge or 510 Flat Tip Cartridge

Note: It is important to select the correct parts before ordering as cartridges and atomizers cannot be returned due to health and safety rules.


New eGo-T battery in the Starter Kit is shipped in the off position and must be turned on before use.


The battery is shipped in the "off" position.  In the "off" position the eGo-T will not function even when pressing the LED button.  To turn the battery "on", press the LED button on the side of the battery 5 times within 2 seconds.  To turn the battery "off" again, press the LED button 5 times within 2 seconds.


What is in our Smoke Juice / E-Liquid and this Vapor you inhale?


The five main ingredients that make up this liquid are:  Distilled Water:  Can’t survive without it – it’s that substance you see covering 70+ percent of the earth, PG (Propylene Glycol) - considered generally food safe by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) – it’s mainly used in flavoring extracts, but can also be found in baked goods to keep them moist and tender, medicines, cosmetics, hand soap, etc, VG (Vegetable Glycerin) - used in baked goods, liqueurs, sweetener, a filler in commercially prepared low fat foods, PGA (Pure Grain Alcohol), and Flavoring. 


If you have a persistent sore throat this could be a sign of PG allergy – discontinue use. If you have a reaction to PG  based Smoke Juice you may want to try a VG based Smoke Juice.  Our Custom Blend Smoke Juice base is USP/ Kosher 60% PG/ 40% VG so you get the best off both worlds.  Our 100% VG USP/ Kosher Smoke Juice base is 100% VG. Please keep all Smoke Juices out of the reach of children and pets.


Note: You will not find an eLiquid (the Smoke Juice that the eCig uses) that tastes exactly like a smoking cigarette.  This is not possible, as the taste you get from a tobacco cigarette is created by burning material, a eCig does not burn anything it vaporizes liquid that is contained in a cartridge. The standard tobacco flavors that you will find available will taste more like what a fresh cigarette smells like before it is lit.  That is the actual taste of tobacco. 


Information and statements made are for educational purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your healthcare professional.  Additionally, be advised that nicotine is addictive. TheVaporPro products have not been evaluated by the US FDA. They are not intended to be drug products that diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate any disease or condition. Do not use these products if you are under the age of 18 years of age, or 21 in those jurisdictions in which 21 is the age of majority; if you are a non-smoker, if you have a heart condition, blood pressure problems, if you have a demonstrated allergy or sensitivity to nicotine or any combination of inhalants or if you are pregnant or nursing.  Customers shall consult with their physician prior to using a personal vaporizer.  Electronic Cigarettes are sold as an adult novelty product and no claims are made as to a smoking cessation aid.


How does the “E-Cig, Personal Vaporizer” work?


When the user presses the button the LED will turn on and activates the atomizer.  The atomizer then vaporizes the Smoke Juice as user takes a “puff”.  


Do I need to purchase pre-flavored pre-filled replacement cartridges or may I fill my own JOYE Foam Filled cartridges?


Our cartridges are refillable many times over.  You may purchase a bottle of Smoke Juice or E-Liquid here to save money and reuse your cartridges over and over again.  Unfilled cartridges are also available online when you want, or need, to replace them.  It is easiest to use a VaporPro fill syringe or an EZ Fill to fill your new unfilled cartridges for the first time.


Some people prefer to drip.  "Dripping".  Driping is when you do not fill a cartridge you just drip a couple of drops of Smoke Juice directly on the atomizer and then take a couple of puffs the repeat.  You can make your own drip tip for FREE.  Take a cartridge and remove the poly fill with tweezers or a tooth pick.  Push out the spacers that are inside the cartridge until you can see through the cartridge.  Now you have a drip tip.  Insert it into the cartridge and then apply a couple of drops down the center and vape.  WE NOW OFFER A PRODUCT THAT GIVES YOU THE ADVANTAGE OF DRIPPING WITH THE EASE OF USING A CARTRIDGE CHECK OUT OUR SUPER BLUE FOAM CARTRIDGE UPGRADE.

Joye Atomizer Priming

How to prime an atomizer and fill a cartridge with Smoke Juice / e-liquid:


Step 1:

Simply hold your Smoke Juice bottle away from your face upside down over the dead center of the atomizer and apply slight pressure to bottle to allow 1 drop at a time to come out of the bottle. "The Dropper Tip is designed to slowly release it contents"  Note:  If you want your e-liquid to flow faster out of the dropper bottles, do not squeeze the bottle harder we suggest inserting a narrow piece of metal like the fill syringe into the center of the dropper tip to remove the small piece of plastic that is used to slow down the flow of liquid in your dropper tip.  When using the EZ FILL please insert the fill tube in the Tank Cartridge and follow the same directions above.

-We recommend putting one drop directly on the atomizer’s heating element.

-This keeps the heating element cool as it atomizes your e-liquid into vapor and also serves as a method of priming to assure you receive the maximum vapor output.

-We recommend priming your atomizer once or twice daily.


Joye 510 Atomizer Priming



Step 2:


JOYE Foam Fill Cartridge Filling

After the atomizer is primed, you need to fill your cartridge.  To fill or top off the cartridge, take your bottle of Smoke Juice held upside down again over the dead center of your cartridge and drip a couple of drops on to the poly fill inside the cartridge. Let the liquid within the cartridge settle for 30 seconds, then simply repeat until the cartridge is full.  It is important to make sure the cartridge is completely filled from top to bottom.  New cartridges that have never been filled before can be filled for the first time more easily by using a fill syringe you may purchase here.  Simply insert the syringe down the center of the cartridge all the way to the bottom of the cartridge and then inject.  The top of the cartridge will look wet like a slushy when full.  The cartridge when full should not be dripping or pooling.  Once the atomizer has had its daily priming and your cartridge is full, simply attach the cartridge to your atomizer. Once full you may top off your cartridge with a couple of drops of liquid when needed from one of our handy 6ml dropper bottles.  If you have not purchased a syringe you may pull out the fill material with tweezers and add some liquid to the bottom of the cartridge and then stuff the fill back in and then top off with your dropper bottle.


Note:  If you want your e-liquid to flow faster out of the dropper bottles, do not squeeze the bottle harder.  We suggest inserting a narrow piece of metal, like the fill syringe, into the center of the dropper tip to remove the small piece of plastic that is used to slow down the flow of liquid in your dropper tip.


Many people seem to think cartridges should be changed frequently.  This is not necessarily required.  A cartridge only needs to be changed once every 2-3 weeks. The only reason one should need to change a cartridge sooner than this is if you don’t want to mix one e-liquid flavor with another flavor of e-liquid or if you are a cartridge-biter and just want your e-cig to look as nice as possible.

JOYE 510 Cartridge Filling



Click on this link below to watch a video showing how simple it is to fill your cartridges


Joye Cartridge Filling Video


To keep your Smoke Juice / E-Liquid at its freshest always store your liquid in a cool and dark place 65 to 70 degrees.


Will your Smoke Juice E-Liquid work with my electronic cigarette?


Our Smoke Juice will work with every make and model e-cig out there.  Refilling with our Smoke Juice will save you a ton of money as well as increase your selection of flavors and blends.


What is the difference between 36mg X-High, 24mg High, 18mg Medium, 11mg Light, 8mg Ultra Light and 0mg mean in the strength options?


The 36mg X-High, 24mg High, 18mg Medium, 11mg Light, 8mg  Ultra Light and 0mg strength options available in each flavor refer to the amount of nicotine the Smoke Juice contains. The milligram shows the concentration per milliliter. Example: A 30ml bottle of 24mg liquid means that the bottle contains 24mg of nicotine for every milliliter of liquid in the bottle. A 30ml bottle of 24mg Smoke Juice would contain a total of 720mg of nicotine.Note:  Higher nicotine levels, like 36mg are very strong and provide a more agressive "harsh" throat hit.  When using a higher nicotine level like 36mg you do not have to puff as often to get the same feeling as with lower nic levels which ultimately extends the battery life between recharges.


What is PG and VG mean?


PG or VG are used as the base liquid ingredients in the all Smoke Juices and E-Liquids.  PG stands for Propylene Glycol  -  VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin.  PG provides some throat hit and lacks any sweetness.  VG has a subtle sweetness and is more viscus which provides  a more dense vapor than PG.  Our  USP/ Kosher Wicked Vapor Custom Blend Smoke Juice 60%PG/40%VG formulation combines both PG and VG to provideyou with the best of both worlds. Our 100% VG USP/ Kosher base formulation does not contain any PG.


How many cigarettes is the bottle of Smoke Juice equal to?


 There are approximately 20 drops of Smoke Juice per milliliter. For example, if you use 24mg Smoke Juice, there would be 1.2mg of nicotine per drop (24mg ÷ 20 drops).

 A regular cigarette contains approximately 1.2mg of nicotine in each cigarette, or 24mg of nicotine per pack (1.2mg x 20 cigarettes).

 A "light" cigarette contains approximately 0.7mg of nicotine in each cigarette, or 14mg of nicotine per pack (0.7mg x 20 cigarettes).

 A n "ultra light" cigarette contains approximately .5mg of nicotine in each cigarette, or 10mg of nicotine per pack (.5mg x 20 cigarettes).


No scientific studies have actually been performed with regular users of e-cigarettes to determine how much of the liquid nicotine, if any, is burnt up or evaporates before it hits the lungs.  Therefore, the numbers represented above indicate the maximum amount of nicotine intake assuming that 100% of it makes it into the lungs of the user of an electric cig.  It should also be noted that, although nicotine is addictive, no studies have shown nicotine to be a carcinogen.  It is simply “the fix” that cigarette smokers crave.  It is recommended that those who have a demonstrated sensitivity to nicotine, are pregnant or breastfeeding or who have unstable heart conditions, should discuss the use of any nicotine delivery device with a doctor before using.


Can I use my “E Cigarette, E-Cig, Personal Vaporizer” anywhere?


Your E-Cig emits only water vapor.  Currently, there is no federal regulation concerning the use of your personal vaporizer as they do not currently fall under the tobacco ban.  Electronic cigarettes are currently not subject to restriction under the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act.  Of course, you should always abide by the local laws and wishes of the establishment you are vaping in.  Personally, we have always explained the device and have taken it apart showing what it actually is and does.  After this demonstration, the establishment has always allowed us to continue use..


“E Cigarette, E-Cig, Personal Vaporizer” Can anyone purchases one?


E-Cigs/ Personal Vaporizers are intended for adults that are of the legal smoking age.  You should consult your physician before use if you suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, pregnancy or suffer from allergic reactions to PG based products (but not limited to these conditions).   IMPORTANT PRECAUTIONS: *** KEEP ALL LIQUIDS, CARTRDIGES AND ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES, OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS * IF YOU EXPERANCE SORE THROAT OR HEADACHES, DISCONTINUE USE OF THESE PRODUCTS - THESE  COULD BE SIGNS OF AN ALLERGIC REACTION TO PG * ALWAYS STORE SMOKE JUICES E-LIQUIDS AND CARTRIDGES IN A COOL, DARK PLACE OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT AND OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS **LEGAL NOTE** These products are NOT intended to affect the structure or function of the body or to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent disease.  Information contained herein is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your health care professional.  If you choose to purchase any of these products you do so at your own risk.  THEVAPORPRO and its affiliated websites will under no circumstances, directly or indirectly, be held responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury that is caused, or alleged to have been caused by use of any product purchased from this website or any of of it's affiliated websites.


How do I maintain my JOYE 510 / JOYE eGo / JOYE eGo-T "Personal Vaporizer"?


PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR ATOMIZERS AND BATTERIES ARE MADE TO THE HIGHEST QUALITY AND ARE CONSUMABLE PRODUCTS THAT MAY FAIL OR DEGRADE OVER TIME ESPECIALLY IF UNDER CONSTANT USE.   Atomizers operate in a pretty rough thermodynamic environment (temperature extremes, voltage variations, and differences in liquid, which cause the atomizer to deteriorate over time).  The life of the consumables varies from person to person, dependent on the use and habits of the individual user.  Please note due to the normal usage and limited life expectancy of atomizers they are only warranted to not be "DOA" dead on arrival  an email must be received within 48 hours of delivery.  Use of unapproved e-liquids or other substances placed in the atomizer or dry burning are not covered under this warranty, The average lifespan of an Electronic Cigarette Atomizer is around 14-45 days and a Battery can be up to 90 days, dependent on its care and how they are used and maintained.   For maximum performance, we recommend the purchase of new atomizers every 30 days and batteries every 60 days.  Most users purchase extra "spare" Electronic Cigarette Atomizers and Electronic Cigarette Batteries when they place their order.   Here are some tips on maintaining your personal vaporizer.  Joye Electronic Cigarette's contain lithium ion batteries, electronic circuitry and microprocessors.  Electronic Cigarette's should be stored and handled with care to extend their lifespan.  Damage may occur if the battery is not charged properly or is used after the battery flashes, dropped, placed near magnets or electronic transmitting devices such as "cell phones and/or electronic keys" or is subjected to humidity, water and temperature extremes. To get maxim life out of your batteries follow the instructions concerning use and charging.  The batteries should be used until they flash and then recharged and removed from the charger.


Cleaning your personal vaporizer


Be sure to keep your battery threads, atomizer threads and charger threads clean.  This can easily be done by using a dry tissue or a tissue mostened in a clear alcoho,l like vodka, then wiped dry.  Cleaning your threads will provide a good electrical connection ensuring a proper charge and good vapor production.   If your connections are not clean, the battery might not charge correctly or vapor production might be low.


Atomizer Maintenance and Prep "See special instructions for the eGo-T under the heading eGo-T Quickstart below"

Be sure not to run your vaporizer with a dry cartridge or dry wick in the atomizer.  If you experance a burnt taste, this is a clear indicator that the atomizer wick was operated when it was dry - also known as "Dry Burning" .  The liquid in the cartridge not only produces vapor, it also keeps the atomizer coil cool so it does not burn the wick or burn out the coil itself.  If the atomizer is ran dry, it will not only produce a burnt taste, it will kill the atomizer by allowing the atomizer coil to overheat and then break like a filiment in a light bulb.

Blow out the factory primer fluid on new attomizers by blowing through the atomizer from the cartridge end.  Add a couple of drops of your favorite Smoke Juice and repeat a couple of times on the new atty, "puff & blow" until the atty takes on the flavor of the liquid.

First, make sure the threads of the battery and atomizer are wiped down with a tissue even if they look clean.  If there is any Smoke Juice on the threads, you will not have a good electrical connection and the atomizer will not function properly.  Make sure you have a fully charged battery.

Don't take too long of a drag and overheat the atomizer - never run the atomizer over 5 seconds at any one time. To extend the life of your atomizer, give it time to cool down between uses.  It should never feel more than luke warm to the touch.  If your atomizer is hot to the touch, the atomizer is being over worked and its life will be reduced.

Don't use the e-cig too fast between draws.  Allow a little time between draws to allow the atty to wick up more juice and stay cool to the touch.

Occasionally, remove the filler and rinse it out, dry & refill

Occasionally clean your atomizer.

Don't flood the atty or it may overwork trying to vaporize the excess liquid.

If you hear a gurgle, that tells you that the atty is too wet to properly function

If, when you used the atomizer, you hear a crackle or a sizzle sound, the atomizer was running too dry.

Try different liquid bases & nicotine levels.  Not all liquids are the same.  If you aren't satisfied with the vapor/throat hit, you may not be allowing enough time for the the atty to wick & cool.

To extend the life of your atomizer keep the atomizer wet by topping off your cartridges with Smoke Juice when you notice that the vapor is reducing.  Failure to do so will shorten or kill the atomizer's life and burn the cartridge poly filler and the atomizer wick giving an off taste.  If the atomizer is dry burned or is giving a burnt taste, this is a sure indicator that the atomzer was ran with a dry wick or dry cartridge.  You can try to revive the atomizer by soaking it in a clear, high proof alcohol overnight and then follow the steps below.


Step 1.

Clean the battery and atomizer by using an alcohol, like vodka, to clean the contact points of the battery and atomizer with a clean tissue.  As a regular maintenance step, your Joye 510 / Joye eGo will perform at optimal levels.

Step 2.

At night,  when your atomizer is not in use, turn it upside down battery connection sticking up on a paper towel to allow the old liquid to drain out over night.


Step 3.

If you feel that your JOYE 510/ JOYE eGo is not producing enough vapor, or it becomes difficult to take a a drag, it is necessary to clean or replace the atomizer.  The first step is to clean the atomizer of any Smoke Juice.  To clean it, blow through the atomizer from the non threaded side into a tissue.  If the performance does not improve, please continue onto the next step..

Step 4.

Remove the poly filler material in the used cartridge, rinse the poly filler material with warm water until the filler material is clean, pat dry the poly filler material with a paper towel.  Now put the poly filler material back into the cartridge.  Put 3 drops of hot water on the cartridge poly filler material.  Take several  puffs without inhaling.  If the cartridge poly filler turns brown, repeat until it comes out clean.

Step 5.

After performing the steps above, and there is still very little vapor, or the drag is still difficult, you might try to burn off the buildup on the atomizer.  NOTE: Performing this step might DESTROY YOUR ATOMIZER, THIS STEP SHOULD ONLY BE PERFORMED IF THE ABOVE STEPS PROVIDED NO RESULTS.  With a fully charged battery attach the poorly performing atomizer and press the manual switch button on the battery for 10 seconds.  During this operation you should hear some sizzling in the atomizer.  If all went well, your atomizer is now performing better.


TheVaporPro eGo and 510 batteries are manufactured to work with  GENUINE TheVaporPro atomizers only. Use of these batteries with CLONED or copied atomizers may not only yield poor results, it may damage the battery and or atomizer. The output, load and constant short circuit protection features of the GENUINE  TheVaporPro batteries and atomizers have been engineered to achieve a perfect balance and ensure the safety of these products.


TheVaporPro eGo and 510 batteries must be charged with GENUINE TheVaporPro chargers only. These include the USB charger, USB wall charger, USB car charger. TheVaporPro chargers are subject to stringent testing and utilize a variety of polymer lithium battery charging protection circuitry. These include short-circuit protection, over charge protection, over current protection and battery abnormality protection. These protections ensure the safety and stability of the chargers. Use of CLONED or copied chargers with the eGo and 510 batteries as well as use of the chargers with any CLONED or copied battery may produce undesired and potentially hazardous results.


Performing a major atomizer cleaning

    * If your atomizer is completely dead and there is no vapor at all you may try this cleaning method to revive it before purchasing a new atomizer.

    * Remove the cartridge from the atomizer and disconnect the battery.

    * Soak your atomizer in purified alcohol (vodka or even better ever clear).  Swirl the atomizer for 5 minutes, and then drain the atomizer. Repeat this step 3 or 4 times.

    * Rinse the atomizer with hot water - then use a hair dryer to remove most of the moisture - then let the atomizer dry for 24 hours with the threads facing  up on a paper towel to drain.

    * Clean contact points of battery and atomizer with a tissue as described above.

    * After 24 hours, and after you are sure the atomizer is completely dry, add a couple of drops of Smoke Juice to the atomizer and let it soak in.  Then connect the atomizer to a fully charged battery and a clean cartridge filled with Smoke Juice and give it a try.


JOYE 510 Quick start Guide:




First Initial Charging:

Each battery must be charged for 8 hours (even better is overnight) prior to using even if the LED light is GREEN.  After the first 8-hour charge, use each of your JOYE 510 electronic cigarettes for 20 minutes, and then charge each battery for an additional hour.  This only needs to be done once. This ensures the best performance of your electronic cigarette batteries and maximizes their life.

Breaking in your Atomizer:

The atomizer has a factory applied unflavored Smoke Juice on it.  Some users find that it has an unpleasant taste at first.  However, please note that this is only temporary.  Top your cartridge off with your own Smoke Juice as soon as possible to mask the taste.

Your JOYE 510 / JOYE eGo / JOYE eGo-T Manual Switch Battery:

The manual battery switch is not to be depressed for longer than 5 seconds; engaging the switch for longer than 5 seconds may reduce the atomizer life.

TheVaporPro is here to support you and answer questions before and after your product purchase.  Please email us using the "contact us" form.  We are committed to providing the best customer service in the industry.


JOYE 510 Electronic Cigarette Instruction Manual:


Click on this link below showing you the parts in your kit and how to assemble your Joye 510


Joye 510 Instructional Video


Joye 510-T Quickstart Guide


Only use original 510-T parts and chargers.  Use of non-original 510-T parts will cause damage and void warranty.


How to Assemble Your 510-T:


To assemble your 510-T, you need a Battery, an Atomizer and a Tank Cartridge.  First, screw the atomizer on to the top of the battery.  Gently push a full Tank Cartridge down into the atomizer – Be sure the cartridge is pushed all the way down until it clicks into place.  There should not be a gap between the cartridge and the atomizer.  Pushing the cartridge down into the atomizer will punch a hole into the bottom of the cartridge allowing the Smoke Juice to flow into the atomizer.  Failure to seat the cartridge all the way down into the atomizer will starve the atomizer of Smoke Juice and will burn the atomizer.  To fill your tank cartridges, you may drip directly from your Smoke Juice bottle or use an EZ Fill for a fill syringe.

1.    General Use


Working state of the battery:

When inhaling, the LED light at the end of the e-cigarette will gradually turn on, activating the atomizer; when you stop inhaling, the LED light will turn off and turn off the atomizer.


Battery Automatic Cut-Off:

If the atomizer is activated for more than 5 seconds, the LED light on the end of the battery will flash 2 times and cut off power to the atomizer to avoid overheating the atomizer and to extend to the life of both the battery and atomizer.


Indication of Low Power:

When the LED light on the end of the battery flashes 10 times, it means the battery is low and the battery needs charging.

2.    How to Charge Your 510-T Battery

The 510-T comes with a special USB charger.  The input voltage is 5V.  (Attention:  the output current of the charger should be less than 1A and the output voltage should be 4.5 – 6.0V.)

To Charge the Battery:

Gently screw the battery into the USB charger.  Plug the USB charger into a USB adaptor or a computer USB port.  The battery LED light will turn on when the battery is charging and then turnoff when the battery is fully charged.  Unscrew the battery and use.



1.    The battery should be charged only with the USB charger made specifically for the 510-T.  Do not use another charger to charge the battery or use this charger to charge another model e-cigarette battery.

2.    Always charge the battery fully before using the 510-T.  Do not store the battery in a hot or humid environment; do not drop the battery; keep the battery away from cell phones, electronic keys,  magnets and sharp objects to extend your battery life.

3.    If the battery produces a smell, feels hot without working, shows any deformation or exhibits any other abnormalities, please cut off the power, remove the battery from the charger and stop using the battery.

4.    The 510-T atomizer only works together with our Joyetech 510-T cartridge.

5.    During the use of this unit, if you need pull the cartridge out, please put the pre-filled cartridge  standing the fill hole of the cartridge facing up to avoid Smoke Juice from leaking out of the cartridge, so as to avoid outflow of the remaining liquid in the cartridge.

6.    Keep this e-cigarette and the Smoke Juice away from children and pets.


Maintaining Product

To keep your 510-T functioning well, you should maintain and clean your 510-T regularly.  Be careful not to let dust get into the atomizer or the battery.  Wipe the threads of the atomizer and the battery with a tissue or a cotton swab moistened in a clear alcohol regularly and then allow to dry before using.  For more information, please see our on-line FAQ.


Joye eGo and eGo-T Quick Start




The Joye eGo is a unique design incorporating easy charging with long-lasting battery life in a beautifully designed shell.

The eGo is powered by a 3.7 volt, 650 mAH rechargeable battery.  The expected duration for one charge depends on how frequently you use it.  Ranging from extreme to normal usage, the battery life should be somehwere between 5 & 10 hours. The eGo provides its own charging method via a USB Battery Charger included in the box.  Each battery must be initially charged for 8 hours (overnight is better) prior to using, even if the LED light is GREEN on the charger.  After the first 8 hour charge, use each of your JOYE eGo electronic cigarettes for 20 minutes, and then charge each battery for an additional hour. This only needs to be done once. By following this procedure, it will ensure the best performance of your electronic cigarette batteries and maximize their life..  After the intial charge, the recharge time averages 3-5 hours for a completly drained battery.




Be sure you have inserted your Tank Cartridge into the Tank Atomizer and it is fully seated all the way down before using the eGo-T.   There should be no gap between the edge of the Tank Cartridge and the edge of the Tank Atomizer.  Spin or rotate the tank around at least 1 time to ensure proper wicking.  The final orientation doesn’t matter once this is completed.  When the Tank Cartridge is pushed down into the Tank Atomizer the Tank Atomizer will punch a hole in the bottom of the Tank Cartridge.  It is important that this hole is punched into the bottom of the Tank to release the Smoke Juice before you use your eGo-T or you will "Dry Burn" the Atomizer. Prime the atomizer without pressing the button take 3-4 puffs on the cartridge to start the wicking process and get the juice flowing to the atomizer. Clean your eGo-T Atomizer once a week following the cleaning instructions.  Dry burning will reduce the life of the atomizer and will result in a burned taste.  If the button on eGo-T is pressed without the Tank being punctured or the Tank is not fully seated or the eGo-T is used with an empty Tank the wick in the atomizer will burn.  This will result in giving you a burnt or off taste when you vape.


To install the tank into the atomizer place the Joye eGo-T atomizer on a table and push the Joye eGo-T tank cartridge down onto the center spike until you here it snap into place.   The center spike will puncture a hole in the cartridge. There should be no gap between the edge of the Tank Cartridge and the edge of the Tank Atomizer.  Spin or rotate the tank around at least 1 time to ensure proper wicking.  The final orientation doesn’t matter once this is completed.  We now carry the new eGo-T Cartridge Soft Rubber Replacment Caps that last longer than the hard plastic caps.


There are 2 ways to fill your eGo-T tank Cartridge

After puncturing the empty tank cartridge, remove the "chad", a small piece of plastic left from the puncture, from the cartridge.  Do not use watered down Smoke Juice and do not over-fill Joye eGo-T tank cartridges.

You can pop the cap off the bottom of the Tank and fill the cartridge a 1/4 inch from the top or you can fill the tank using a syringe or an EZ Fill2 to fill the tank up from the hole that is punctured in the bottom.

Make sure when you refill your eGo-T Tank Cartridge that the fill cap is snapped on tightly.   Wipe the tank down before reinserting the tank into the atomizer.


We recommend that you remove the eGo-T Tank Cartridge from your Atomizer when the eGo-T is not in use.  If the eGo-T Tank Cartridge is left in the eGo-T Atomizer, gravity will continue to feed Smoke Juice into the eGo-T Atomizer and flood the Atomizer.  If the Atomizer is flooded excess liquid will leak.  As part of your nightly maintenance you should remove the eGo-T Tank Cartridge from the Atomizer and turn the Atomizer upside down on a paper towel to drain the old liquid out.  This will increase the life of your Atomizer as well as keeping it clean.




eGo-T Atomizer Cleaning


Step 1:

Use warm water or even better a clear alcohol like vodka and a 3ml Smoke Juice Fill Syringe.  Fill the syringe up with alcohol then insert the needle 1/8 of an inch into the the hole on the threaded end of the atomizer see picture in Step 1 below:  Push the plunger to force the alcohol through the opening in the atomizer a couple of times.



eGo-T Atomizer Cleaning


Step 2:

Remove the needle from the syringe.   Fill the syringe with alcohol.  Insert the full syringe into the tank cartridge side of the atomizer and push the plunger of the syringe so the liquid goes through the atomizer. See the picture below.  The cleaning liquid should shoot out the back end of the atomizer like a garden hose. Do this several times until the liquid that comes out is clear.  Place the atomizer cartridge side down on a paper towel and allow to drain and dry over night.  The next day prime the atomizer with Smoke Juice and allow the Smoke juice to  saturate  the  clean  atomizer for a few minutes then place a full Tank Cartridge on the Atomizer and you are good to go.



eGo-T Atomizer Cleaning




DO NOT CHARGE ANY OTHER BATTERIES ON THE EGO CHARGER. They will not be able to handle amperage or voltage and may be damaged or explode. Also, DO NOT try to charge the eGo’s Battery on another Charger- the battery may be damaged, or explode.




(2) Atomizers, (1) eGo Atomizer Cover, (2) eGo Batteries, (1) USB Battery Charger, (1) USB Adapter to AC Wall Adapter, (1) Free 5 pack of Pre- Filled Cartridges.




(2) Atomizers, (2) eGo Batteries, (1) USB Battery Charger, (1) USB Adapter to AC Wall Adapter, (1) Free 5 pack of Pre- Filled Cartridges.



The eGo consists of a metal body that has an internal 3.7 volt, 650 mAh Battery, an Atomizer Cover, an intelligent microchip providing a cut-off function and overcharge protection, as well as a manual push button.


    DIMENSIONS Length: 118mm Diameter: 14mm Battery Life 250-300 charging cycles



The eGo consists of 3 main parts: Battery, Atomizer, and Atomizer cover.  These are the parts you need for the eGo to work.  To assemble it, start by screwing the Atomizer onto the corresponding part on the eGo Battery. Do not use force when doing this and do not over tighten the Atomizer.

Once the Atomizer has been fastened, gently put the Atomizer Cover over the Atomizer and screw the Atomizer Cover until it seats firmly into place.  Do not use any force while doing this.  If Atomizer Cover does not screw onto the Battery relatively easy, inspect the thread of the Atomizer Cover and Battery to ensure that they are clean.


Drip 2-3 drops of Smoke Juice onto the Atomizer before vaping for the first time to aid the Atomizer break-in process.  Please use TheVaporPro series of products including Smoke Juice, Chargers, Adapters and Batteries etc. or we can not insure the quality.



To charge the eGo, gently unscrew the Atomizer Cover and Atomizer by turning them counter clock-wise until you are able to remove them. Once removed, gently screw the Battery onto the Chargers corresponding threads. The Battery light should flash 5 times once a solid connection is made with the Charger. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN BATTERY INTO CHARGER as it can ruin the charging unit. The Charger should turn from green to red, indicating that the Battery is charging.  Once the light on the charger turns green, your eGo Battery is now ready and fully charged.   Charging must be completed within normal room temperatures.


To insert a Cartridge, simply push it into the Atomizer until you hear a small click. To remove it, simply pull on it until it comes out.  Never twist the cartridge when it is inside the Atomizer or you may damage the Atomizer.


Simply draw on the mouthpiece and press the button to activate the eGo, a white LED will light up the button indicating activation. If the eGo begins flashing during operation this means that the eGo Battery requires a recharge.  If the LED flashes then stop using the battery until you can fully recharge it.


When necessary, use a piece of tissue to clean the Atomizer threads to remove any residue or moisture that may have accumulated. Also use a Q-tip to remove any residue that may accumulate in the threads of the eGo Battery and the Charger.  This will ensure a good connection to Battery and the Atomizer.


Only Genuine TheVaporPro Parts and Accessories should be used, and the proper operation procedures must be followed to prevent malfunction and damage to the product. We do not accept warranty claims if you use other operation procedures other than the ones stipulated herewith or unauthorized CLONED parts.

Keep the eGo separate from other articles such as keys and change, which could collide with the device and cause cosmetic or functional damage to the eGo. Warranty claims for cosmetics will not be accepted.

For your safety, do not leave the eGo unattended while it is recharging.

In the case that a problem should arise with your eGo, please contact TheVaporPro and do not try to dismantle the eGo yourself. Opening the eGo Battery compartments or button compartment will result in complete malfunction of the eGo and voids the warranty.  Keep away from “HIGH” temperature extremes and humidity.  Keep the eGo out of children’s and pets reach, and avoid improper operation.


Click on this link below showing you the parts in your kit and how to assemble your Joye eGo


    Joye eGo Instructional Video




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How to tell if you've got a genuine Joyetech eGo battery

Due to the number of similar appearing devices on the market, determining what is and isn’t a genuine Joyetech eGo can be confusing. To make matters even more confusing, some vendors sell non-Joyetech eGo devices with misleading names like “Ego” or “EGO”, or, even worse, falsely claim their products are Joyetech when they’re not.

Joyetech can be queried directly about the authenticity of a device by emailing

But what can you do yourself to determine if your eGo is genuine?

With a Multimeter:

If your freshly charged eGo or eGo-T, without load, meters at 3.2v – 3.4v, then it is most likely a genuine eGo. If, however, it meters at 3.7v or higher, it is not a genuine eGo or eGo-T and should not be used with a genuine Joyetech Atomizer.

Without a Multimeter:

The Name: If it’s not called an Joye eGo or Joye eGo-T, then it is most likely not a Joytech eGo.

The Button: This is the best method we’ve found to determine the difference between genuine Joyetech eGos and non-Joyetech devices. Is the button on the side of the battery

A genuine Joyetech eGo will have a button that is clear, hard plastic with a slight indentation in the top of it.

If your eGo has this button, it most likely a genuine Joyetech and can be used with Joyetech atomizers.

How to determin it is not a genuine Joye eGo

If the button is opaque and has no indentation and feels more like soft rubber. Though button size and shape vary slightly on non-Joyetech fat batt devices (some are oval) they are typically opaque, soft rubber. Any fat batt with an opaque, soft rubber button is NOT a genuine Joyetech eGo or eGo-T and should not be used with genuine Joyetech Atomizers.