eGo-C 1.1ml (Type A) Rebuildable Tank Atomizer Pack

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eGo-C / eGo-T 1.1ml (Type A) Rebuildable Tank Atomizer Kit with (5) Atomizer heads to rebuild your atomizer

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Retail Price: $49.99

Wholesale Price: $29.95

Quick Overview

eGo-C / eGo-T 1.1ml (Type A) Rebuildable Tank Atomizer Kit in your choice of Black or Stainless Steel

A direct replacement for the Genuine Joye eGo, eGo-T or eGo-C 1.1ml (Type A) Tank Atomizers when used with its matching eGo-T / eGo-C 1.1ml (Type) A Tank Cartridges on any Genuine eGo, eGo-T or eGo-C battery.

The Joye eGo-C / Joye eGo-T 1.1ml (Type A) Rebuildable Tank Atomizer includes the following parts.  

(1) Instruction guide

(1) eGo Type A Cover

(1) eGo Type A Base

(5)  eGo Type A Atomizer Heads

Extra 5 Packs of eGo-C / eGo-T 1.1ml (Type A) Atomizer Heads 5 Pack can be found by clicking the link here

Rebuild your atomizer for the low cost of only $4.70 each when Atomizer Heads are purchased in a packs of 5

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Retail Price: $49.99

Wholesale Price: $29.95

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Product Description

The cost efficient eGo-C 1.1ml (Type A) Rebuildable Atomizer Pack directly replaces and works on either the eGo-T or the eGo-C using the eGo-T / eGo-C 1.1ml (Type) A Tank Cartridges.  Rebuild your atomizer easily for less. When you want to refresh or rebuild the atomizer just pop a new atomizer head in the atomizer cone, screw on the atomizer base and vape away.   Note: There is a Difference between (Type B) and (Type A) Atomizer Heads. THE ATOMIZER HEADS CANNOT BE INTERCHANGED 

Each (Type A) Atomizer Pack contains 1 Atomizer Body (Atomizer Base and Cone shaped Atomizer Cover) a pack of 5 Atomizer Heads and a Instruction Manual. Each pack contains 2 small boxes. One box has 5 atomizer heads. Each Atomizer Head is laser engraved with a Capital "A" to identify them as a (Type A) Atomizer head.  The other box contains the Atomizer Base & Atomizer Cover.  This Atomizer Cover is a (Type A) which is a tapered cone shape. 

The Joye eGo-C / Joye eGo-T 1.1ml (Type A) Rebuildable Tank Atomizer includes the following parts.  Extra 5 Packs of Joye


eGo-C / eGo-T 1.1ml (Type A) Atomizer Heads 5 Pack can be found by clicking the link here


(1)  eGo-C Instruction guide

(1)  eGo-C  Type A Cone Cover

(1)  eGo-C Base

(5)  eGo-C Type A Atomizer Heads


See Assembly Instructions At The bottom Of The Page


Click Here to Learn How To Select Your Atomizer and Cartridge


eGo-C / eGo-T 1.1ml "Type A" Tank Atomizers can only be used with eGo-T /eGo-C 1.1 "Type A" Tank Cartridgeswhich you may purchase here. These eGo-C Tank Atomizers can be used on any of our eGo batteries.  The Joye "Type A" Atomizer is tapered at the top of the atomizer where the cartridge is inserted

This is a replacement / upgrade part for TheVaporPro Joye eGo-C / eGo-T Starter Kit please refer to your Owner's Manual for proper handling and usage. We recommend that you purchase spare Atomizers as they are a consumable / throw away part and do not last forever. For more information please see our online FAQ hereAtomizers carry a 24 hour DOA Warranty and you must test them all before the warranty expires.TheVaporPro must be notified within 24 hours of arrival that the atomizer arrived dead, and upon return to TheVaporPro, will have the Atomizer replaced.



eGo-C Type A Atomizer Pack Instruction

eGo-C / eGo-T Rebuildable Atomizer Assembly Instructions

1) Unscrew the Atomizer Base from the Atomizer Cone

2) Insert the Atomizer Head with the spike pointed up towards the cartridge into the Atomizer Cone as shown in the picture below.

3) Screw the Atomizer Base back on the Atomizer Cone

4) Then screw the eGo-T eGo-C 1.1ml Type A Tank Atomizer onto your eGo battery

5) Insert a new full eGo-T eGo-C 1.1ml Type A Tank Cartridge and vape away


TheVaporPro's Electronic Cigarette's contain lithium ion batteries, electronic circuitry and microprocessors. Electronic Cigarette's should be stored and handled with care to extend their lifespan.  Damage may occur if the battery is not charged properly or is used after the battery flashes, dropped, placed near magnets or electronic transmitting devices such as "cell phones and/or electronic keys" or is subjected to humidity, water and temperature extremes.

TheVaporPro's Genuine Joye eGo and Genuine Joye 510 batteries are manufactured to work with GENUINE JOYETECH Atomizers only which are sold by TheVaporPro. Use of these batteries with CLONE or other atomizers may not only yield poor results, it may damage the battery and / or atomizer. The output, load and constant short circuit protection features of the batteries and atomizers have been engineered to achieve a perfect balance and ensure the safety of these products. TheVaporPro will not be responsible for damaged parts or poor results if these products are used with any CLONED or copied product.

TheVaporPro Joye eGo and Joye 510 batteries must be charged with GENUINE Joyetech chargers only sold by TheVaporPro. These include the USB charger, USB wall charger, USB car charger. GENUINE JOYETECH chargers sold by TheVaporPro are subject to stringent testing and utilize a variety of polymer lithium battery charging protection circuitry. These include short-circuit protection, over charge production, over current production and battery abnormality protection. These protections ensure the safety and stability of the chargers. Use of CLONED or copied chargers with the eGo and 510 batteries as well as use of the chargers with any CLONED or copied battery may produce undesired and potentially hazardous results.  Use of CLONE products will void the warranty and TheVaporPro will not be responsible for any damage resulting from misuse of the product.

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